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  • As per the administrator guide, Genian NAC uses some protocols for detecting a device’s platform.

Is it possible that you show us the detection steps for below two examples:

Example(1) New windows machine connected to the network using DHCP, and wireless connection.

Example(2) IP-Phone with static IP.

  • We would like if you provide a brief overview of how are you relaying on below protocol for detecting the platform:
  1. HTTP / HTTPS header and body
  2. Web Browser User-Agent
  3. Open Port
  4. HPSLP
  • can we feed a mirrored traffic, or Netflow to the sensor
  • as per the admin guide, the product can shutdown the switch port based on SNMP, which is L1 action. Is the product able to apply actions on higher layers like (Assign the port to a different vlan, ACL, and TCP reset).

Tank you.