Genians Partner Update, August 2019

We trust this finds all of you having had a great summer. As the season draws to a close, Team Genians wants to share some “Hot” news:

1. New webinar hosted by Hermitage

Recently, Hermitage Solutions from Lithuania joined us as a Value-Added Distributor to cover the Baltic region. Soon they will be hosting a new webinar to introduce Genians Next-Gen NAC solutions to the region. Please join us to see how Hermitage leverages Genians to achieve their business success.

  • Topic: Increase device visibility and control your network security with Genians
  • Date/Time: Sep 17, 2019 03:30 PM in Helsinki
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  • Presenter: Brett Hamill, Solution Architect of Genians and Team Hermitage

In the event that you would like to have a similar webinar for your business, just let me know.

2. New success stories

As of now, we have over 1,600 customers around the world thanks to your support. This is phenomenal. Genians is now the leading NAC vendor, with the largest number of customers in the world. Allow me to share a recent quote from customer in Europe.

“I am very enthusiastic about the software. The installation was a breeze, we were up and running in a day, and after a 3 day inventory period, we activated IPAM in order to block unknown devices (our first priority for NAC). The transition went flawless and smooth and the software is quick and responsive.”

Couldn't agree more? As we receive more and more compliments like this, we will deliver these success stories to you. Here are some new ones:

We never expose actual customer names publicly in order to protect the security of their business data, but let us know if you need additional details for reference purposes.

3. Next-Gen NAC deployment in 10 mins.

Am I exaggerating? Watch this video

This is the first in a series of “Genian NAC in 10 min” videos to help increase your business. If you find any incorrect information or suggestions, please share them with us and will buy you a coffee 🙂

4. Genian NAC Version 5.0.22 is now available 

In this release, we deliver a more efficient way to manage Nodes. We also provide new features to help manage device lifecycle information more effectively. Learn more at:

Finally, Genians will attend GITEX 2019 (Dubai) and Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, 2019 (Singapore) this fall. Please let us know if you have plans to visit either of these events.

Thank you again for your great support and looking forward to hearing from you.