Meet Genians in London and Kuala Lumpur

We trust this finds all of you having a great start to the summer season! Team Genians is looking forward to enjoying it by continuing to work with you and the rest of our Partner community. The month of June will be busier than ever this year as we will be participating in 3 major events around the world:

We’re particularly looking forward to the Partner Summit, which will offer a great opportunity for everyone to share their latest news as well as our collective knowledge of and experiences with Genian NAC.

Speaking of Genian NAC, we just released version 5.0.19 this month. Please visit our download page to check it out. Some key highlights:

  • Expanded authentication support using SAML integration
  • Added EAP-TLS support on RADIUS server
  • FQDN support for network objects (domain-based whitelist / blacklist)
  • More CVE information for the Node platform

To learn even more about this release and explore its features and enhancements in greater detail, please join Genians’ Slack Channel at:

Have a great summer and enjoy Genians Next-Gen NAC!